Mexico Insurance Claims Process

Travelling in Mexico already provides some cultural uncertainty. You don’t need the uncertainty that often comes with filing an insurance claim. At National General Insurance, we’ve simplified the process to a list of easy to remember steps so that you have the tools necessary when things go south south of the border.

travel with your policy

Always be sure to travel with your policy. It serves as your proof of insurance and provides you with the necessary instructions to file your claim.

stay at the scene

In the unfortunate event that you need to file a claim, remain calm. All claims must be reported in Mexico before leaving the country. Stay at the scene of the accident, or go to a nearby safe place where you can review your policy.

Call claims toll free

To call in a claim, refer to the section of your policy called, “What To Do In case of an Accident/Vehicle Theft”. It will provide you with a toll-free phone number to reach the claims department for your specific insurance carrier. It’s important to remember that the toll free phone numbers provided are only valid within Mexico and must be called from a cell phone that is roaming on Mexico cell service, or a local Mexico based phone. The phone number will not work from VOIP phones (i.e. Skype) or from any phone outside of the Republic of Mexico.

Speak with our helpful claims agent

Once you reach the claims department, provide your policy number and contact information. Claims agents will then give further instructions and send an adjuster to meet you at a safe location as soon as possible. The Claims Adjuster will begin the paperwork for the insurance claim; and if need be, contact any local authorities and file a police report on your behalf, as well as connect you with any Legal Assistance and Roadside Assistance services you may need.

Follow up from home

Once you make it back home, we encourage you to follow up on your claims progress. Your policy also includes the “Claims Status” phone number, in a format that can be called from any country. With A+ rated companies, you will have a bilingual customer service team helping every step of the way.

Map of Mexico

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